Worldwide quillers – Meet Manu (Romania)

In the second issue of Discover Quilling Magazine (December 2014) we discovered the quilling journey of Manu, a very talented young lady living in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, Europe. Her quilling designs are beautifully shaped, with grace and attention. I discovered her quilling website on the internet while searching quilling artists. I invite you to read her quilling interview and I hope you will be inspired by her answers. This the second interview from the series Worldwide Quillers. Enjoy!

How did you find out about quilling?

I discovered this paper craft purely by accident, sometime in the fall of 2010. I was searching for an origami tutorial on Youtube and one of the featured videos was a collage with gorgeous quilled creations from various artists. At first I found the designs very complicated, even intimidating, and I was happy simply admiring them. Even though time passed, these beautiful images stayed so fresh in my mind, so I had no other choice than to avidly start searching for more information and tutorials on the internet. I even cut my own paper strips quilled red poppy, manuela quilling flower, red quilled flower, worldwide quillersand made my own quilling tool just to begin to quill. And I have been quilling with a passion ever since!manuela quilling, paper artist, quilling romania, worldwide quillers

What inspires you in your quilling designs?

I usually find my inspiration in nature. Most of my designs have floral themes, but I occasionally try my hand at quilling miniature animals, text or geometric designs. I spend a lot of time looking at pictures with flowers on the internet and every time I am outside and catch even a glimpse of real flowers, the very first thing that goes into my head is: “I wonder if I could quill this?”

Quilling is a time consuming craft. How do you organize your work time in order to spend time with your family?

When you really love something, you will always find time for it. Of course, being a full time quiller also helps! I spend days working on my designs and if I wouldn’t have all the time that I need to concentrate on my craft, things would probably be very different.

Tell us about the most challenging quilling artwork that you’ve created.quilling by manuk, quiled mouse, quilled flowers, worldwide quillers

Each quilling artwork that I am currently working on is challenging. Because I do not like to repeat myself too much, I am always faced with the difficult task to come up with new ideas and to constantly improve old ones. I would say that the projects where I am using 1mm wide paper strips are the challenging ones, but I love every minute spent working on them!

Some people say that they won’t have success in quilling because they don’t have any artistic sense. What is your opinion about this statement?

I think we all have an artistic sense! The problem is that with time we bury it somewhere underneath all our daily cares and forget it is even there. I encourage everyone to pursue any kind of art form as it is a wonderful way to make your soul grow. Do it to the best of your abilities and enjoy the results! You might rediscover a part of you that was long lost or that you didn’t even know was there.

What is the best advice  that you would give to a quilling beginner?

Speaking from my own experience, I would say never give up if something doesn’t turn quite right from the beginning and always do your best to outdo yourself! Keep practicing whenever you can find some spare time and try to learn new things to improve your technique and ideas.

quilling by manuk, quilling bear, quilling cat, quilling flowers, worldwide quillers
Contact Manu:
For more information about Manu’s quilling designs and ideas, please visit:

Her blog

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8 Responses

  1. Otilia says:

    I always loved Manu´s creations, they are elegant and actually perfect. She is also very detailed and this adds beauty to her creations. I really enjoyed reading more information about her.

    • discover says:

      Hi Otilia.
      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, indeed. Manu is a great quiller, ready to amaze us with her beautiful quilling artworks.

  2. Pritesh says:

    Knowing Manu gives you such unattainable standards that you have no choice but to strive for perfection. Her Art is beyond criticism and style, beyond imitation…….I love Manu, the Quiller a lot and Manu, the person, even more so…..

    • discover says:

      Hi Pritesh, thank you for stopping by. Yes, indeed, Manu is an amazing quiller. I am glad that she allowed us to know more about her quilling work and her quilling designs.

  3. Kate says:

    She is an Artist! That true! I love every her quilling piece, and she inspires me a lot!
    Thank you for such a good interview with Manu!

    • discover says:

      Hi Kate! Manu is indeed a true artist in quilling. She has amazing quilling designs! I am glad you liked the interview.

  4. Vuailien says:

    i love quilling very much , but i don’t learn .today ,i read … May you help me . Thanks.

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