New contest – Winter Paper Quilling Contest

Hello everyone,

The final stage of the judging has just ended and here are the final results;

3 paper quilling artists have judged the 5 designs and they gave a mark from 1-10 to each design.

In the end, the top 2 designs with the highest grades will win.

  • B.l.prasad (India): 8 points
  • Prasiddhi Amonker (India): 7.7 points
  • Shruti Jha (India): 8.7 points
  • Sriranjini Sridhar (India): 6 points
  • Uma Hewagamage (Sri Lanka): 5.7 points

Congratulations everyone!

First place Shruti Jha  – you will receive Prize no. 1

Second place B.l.prasad – you will receive Prize no. 2


Prize 1: {1 Quilling Slotted Tool, 4 packs with Paper Quilling Strips, 7 quilling decorations for fridge}

Prize 2: {1 package of Paper Glue – the same as I use in my quilling work, 5 quilling decorations for fridge}


Thank you everyone for being a part of this contest!

See you in future competitions


~ Ana ~

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