Quilling Shapes

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Second issue: 1st of December, 2014.

On this page you will find out what are the basic shapes used in quilling. If you learn how to make these easy shapes it will be very easy for you to create more complex designs. These shapes can be used as they are or they can be combined to create different designs. Using teardrop shapes you can create petals for flowers,  glue them together and place a tight circle on top create the center of the flower.


Loose circle – using the slotted quilling tool roll the entire strip of paper and let it expand for a few seconds. Next, glue the end of the strip.
Teardrop – make a loose circle , hold it between your index finger and thumb, while with the other hand pinch a part of the circle to form a point.
Curved Teardrop – make a teardrop and curve the point.
Marquise – make a loose circle and pinch two points at the same time, in opposite directions.
Curved Marquise – make a marquise and curve the points.
Triangle – make a teardrop. Hold the point of the teardrop between your index finger and thumb while with the other hand push the rounded part to the center, to make a smooth side.
Tight Circle – Take a strip of paper and roll it tightly using the slotted quilling tool. Then, gently glue the end to the roll, let it dry and take it out.

Basic Quilling Shapes

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    best website for quilling ever seen
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