Paper Quilling Ornament – Red&White

A new paper quilling ornament design – unique and fresh

Winter…Christmas time…New Year’s Arrival… Have you done any paper quilling ornament yet?

It is a busy season of the year, full of activities and projects yet it is such a beautiful season.

It is also a great time to do some handmade designs for home decorating or the Christmas tree.

In this post, I want to show you a new paper quilling design I did today.

It’s Made From Paper but it is so beautiful.

What I like about quilling is that you can create unique designs, something fresh that nobody has done before.

As I sat down today, ready to start quilling I was wondering:

“What should I quill? What design? What colors should I choose?”

I took a sheet of paper and a pencil and I started drawing something.

Then, I numbered the strips of paper I supposed I need.

Ta Da … this is the final result. 🙂 Do you like this paper quilling ornament?

If you’re out of quilling inspiration, look around and ask  yourself “I wonder if I can quill that thing?”

You have creativity, use it in quilling!

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This video tutorial offers enough details, so you can create a similar paper quilling design.

The strips of paper I used are bought from shop. They were 3 mm wide and 30 cm long.

You will also need glue, a slotted tool and some thin thread to hang the ornament.

For this paper quilling ornament you need to know some basic quilling shapes, like loose circle, marquise or teardrop shape. For video instructions, watch my tutorial here.

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