Quilling interview – Meet Kasia (Poland)

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Kasia is a young quilling artist living in Poland. She has amazing quilling creations and is a great inspiration for quillers worldwide. I invite you to read her interview and know more about her. I hope this new quilling story will encourage you in your quilling journey! Enjoy!

1. Kasia, tell us how you discovered quilling and what was your first impression about it?

It was a period in my life when I was a school teacher. I wanted to make my lesson more interesting and creative. The first thing I found in the Internet was scrap booking and I registered on several scrap booking forums. Then I found a thread about quilling and it involved me very much. The first impression was like “I want to make the same thing!”.

2. How would you describe your quilling journey so far?

I started quilling more than 5 years ago. I took part in several displays in Ukraine and Poland. I organized some live quilling classes. My works are mainly floral and botanical projects, but I tried also on-edge technique – “Ballerina” and “Flamenco” are the most popular. I involved several people into it, even my Mom started to quill. Quilling is very important for me, I try to treat it seriously as an occupation not only the thing I can do when I have free time. So, I hope that my quilling journey will continue successfully. I think that I have a chance to become a full-time quiller.kasia, quilling artist, quilling interview, quilling storyquilling design, quilling flowers, pink quilling, quilling interview

3. Where are you from and how is quilling seen in your country?

Originally I am from Ukraine, but now I live and work in Poland. I moved here four years ago and my quilling became more intensive. I know that in Ukraine quilling is officially taught in some schools, there are few companies that sell supplies, there are also some books about the technique. What about Poland? So, I think that quilling is familiar to Polish crafters, but still it is not so popular. I made a group in Polish on Facebook devoted to quilling and for today it is only 110 members there. Few manufacturers make and sell pre-cut strips. Unfortunately, there is only one published book about quilling in Polish. But I hope that my quilling could be inspiration for artisans and it will be wide spread. That is my dream!

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4. Which was the most challenging quilling artwork you’ve created?

Quilling is time-consuming craft and you need a lot of patience to create something very nice. Everybody who made any quilling piece knows it. It is also important to have some artistic intuition or designer’s sense to create a work that deserves good comments. I can’t say which of my works was the most challenging for me, I usually spent a lot of time working on each of them

5. What would you tell to a person who is a beginner in quilling?

Practice makes perfect! If you started with quilling and you really like it, you should be hard. I would recommend to buy good tools: scissors, tweezers, slotted quilling tool and water based glue. If there is no possibility to buy pre-cut strips, made your own: use metal ruler, quilling flower, quilling interview, quilling picture, quilling cardknife for paper and cutting mat. My most important advice – study and learn all the time – read literature for crafters and designers, follow artisan’s blogs, watch Youtube crafter blogs. Don’t be afraid of experiments in quilling. The only boundaries you may have are in your imagination. Imagine that you have no boundaries at all and create!

6. Where comes your inspiration for your quilling designs?

As I have said, I prefer floral designs. I adore to invent new types of quilling flowers and leaves. I love Japanese Botanical Quilling by Motoko Nakatani and her colleagues. I try to catch some interesting “designs” during walk in park, watching flowers in Botanical gardens, even some images in the Internet could inspire me.

7. What paper and quilling tools do you use in your work?

Usually I use two types of paper strips: pre-cut and self-made. They are 80 gsm and 120-130 gsm thick. As for the tools, I have very sharp scissors, very good tweezers and few slotted tools, but sometimes I use slotted toothpick for rolling the strips. One more important thing in quilling is glue. I buy Ukrainian PVA water based glue and it is perfect for that.

8. You have a beautiful online space where you share your work. How it all started?

My blog is 5 years old already, besides I love social networks, I create Facebook page for my arts, Instagram profile and vk.com page (Russian social media similar to Facebook).
I learned about crafts from the Internet: forum, blogs, so I wanted to have my own space to share my works. That is why I started to study Blogger tools and other useful things for blogging. I hope that my blog will be more attractive for people and I could gain more readers and followers in future. Due to blogging I have a lot of friends all around the world.quilling card, quilled footprints, quilling interview, quilling flower, quilling in poland

9. Who are your favorite quilling artists and why their designs are an inspiration for you?

I think that I won’t be original when I name Yulia Brodskaya, Motoko Nakatani, Claire Sun Ok. The level of Yulia’s artworks is quilling “Mountain Everest” . She creates many commercial paper graphic projects, but this art is so vibrant and full of details! I think that every quiller knows her style and tries to copy her artworks. Japanese and Korean paper artists create intricate floral designs and I like to watch and study them. I really love flowers. So, lot of my projects (most of them I would say) are floral designs.

Kasia loves…

I love to spend my time with my family – my husband, my parents and brothers. I love nature: gardens, parks, wild fields, and mountains – everything gives me a lot of fun and relax. I love cooking: fresh salads, cakes and other delicious things. I really love to sleep, I usually have fantastic dreams, so there is no need to go to cinema 🙂 What else? I adore paper! I buy it every time I have an opportunity. And one more thing I’m fond of is talking, I really love to talk

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Instagram: @artlifekasia

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6 Responses

  1. Otilia says:

    I just love Kasia´s works. I can´t wait to see her quilling. She is a big inspiration to me and many others

    • Ana says:

      Yes, she is such a talented young lady! Her quilling work is indeed a great inspiration for many of us! Thank you Kasia!

  2. Mimi Miron says:

    Me encanta su trabajo, es fino y delicado. Yo soy una principiante de Guatemala, y espero poder seguir sus pasos.
    Que nuestro Senor y nuestra Madre Santisima le bendiga su trabajo y a usted y su familia.

  3. Pily says:

    I love the Kasia’s work!!! . She is one of my favorite artists.

  4. Kasia says:

    Thank you very much for this interview! It was a pleasure 🙂
    I send also a lot of thanks to Otilia, Pily and Mimi Miron, who left their comments above! Happy Quilling!

    • Ana says:

      You’re very welcome, Kasia! It was my pleasure too. You are very talented with paper quilling, always presenting clean and amazing designs! Keep up this good work! Regards, Ana 🙂

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