Quilling Daisy Tutorial

Step-by-step quilling daisy tutorial!

In this quilling daisy tutorial you will learn how to create a quilled daisy. You can use the daisy for a greeting card or anything else. In order to create a quilled daisy you will need the following: five strips of white paper (20 cm/8″), one strip of colored paper (20 cm/8″), slotted quilling tool, circle sizer ruler, glue.

  1. For the petals you have to make five teardrops. Use the circle sizer ruler to make the petals have the same size.quilling daisy tutorial, quilling daisy, quilling flower, quilling pattern, quilling design
  2. For the center of the daisy make a tight circle or a loose circle.
  3. To assemble the daisy, glue the petals together and the center on top of them.


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