Read Quilling Artist Interview – Otilia – Part 2

Quilling Artist Interview

 Otilia Skimbiski

Part 2

Hello! 🙂

This is the second part of Otilia’s interview. {Read Part 1 here.}

Otilia is a young quilling artist living in the USA.

Her quilling designs and ideas will be a source of inspiration for your work.

I invite you to read her interview and discover the beautiful world of paper quilling!

When work is done with passion, people see a difference!

Enjoy your reading…

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1. What would you tell to a quilling beginner?

Quilling is an extremely beautiful art that gives the artist an infinite of possibilities of creations….so think big…and try your best…and you will succeed

2. Do you have a favorite quilling artist?

I actually have several favorite quilling artists and among them are: Neli Beneva, Manuela Koosch, Larissa Zasadnaya, Svetlana Belova, Tatyana(Saphir) and I could go on…I am always amazed by the perfection of their work

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3. You love quilling. We can see that. 🙂 How do you see quilling now after 3 years of doing it?

Yeah, it´s been only three years and I learned so much….I can say I am addicted to it…

…and there is no cure for it 🙂 .

In the last two years I´ve been very busy with work and my studies, but I have always enjoyed doing quilling as a relaxing time during free week-ends.

I was surprised of how many beautiful things can be done using this art.

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4. Your quilling designs are very beautiful and clean. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Back in 2012, I wished there was a place where I could see creations of many quilling artists together, but there was none. So, I decided to create a Facebook page called Most Beautiful Quilling Creations with the intent to promote this beautiful art.

While searching for artists and their creations to post on this page, I have seen thousands of quilling pictures. This has helped me develop my idea of what means beautiful quilling for me.

I usually create quilling for friends and family and I try to personalize them. So, I search on Google designs from which to inspire from and then I combine the ideas with the ones from other quillers and of course mines.

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What does Otilia like?

I love babies…in any shape and color….and I am looking forward to have one of my own.

I have very nice memories with beaches.

Since I was a child I would go on vacations with my family at the beach.

When I was little I have been dreaming of one day living on an island…and surprisingly, it did happen.

I also love rustic decorations, reading on my Kindle, watching Indian movies, eating cherries and traveling in new places.

Life is wonderful so I am trying to enjoy most of it.

Know Otilia better

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Definitely dark
Summer or winter? Definitely summer
If you’d fall from an airplane what song would you sing? I surrender all
If you could be an animal what would you choose to be: an elephant or a giraffe? A giraffe with a bow 🙂
Straight hair or curly hair? Curly
What is your favorite color? Green

Contact Otilia

Ayani Art Facebook

AyaniArt Blog

I hope you enjoyed reading Otilia’s interview.
What is your favorite design from Otilia’s artworks?
Is her work an inspiration for you?
I would like to hear from you in a comment below!

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