5 paper quilling videos you must watch

Inspirational paper quilling videos

As a paper quilling artist, I know how important is to know other quilling artists and be inspired by their quilling artworks. It is very useful. You see their quilling ideas, you watch a video tutorial, you read a post and somehow that helps you continue with quilling. If they could create this, can’t I too? This encourages you to strive for more.

Watch how they’re doing paper quilling!

In this post, I will present a list with 5 paper quilling videos that present beautiful paper quilling designs. Have you tried any of these tutorials?

The paper quilling artist here shows how to create a handmade quilling butterfly. The video presents the full process of creating a butterfly. Clear instructions are given for your help. This can be used in decorating a card, placed on the fridge with a little magnet on the back, or a beautiful home decoration.

The second video from Ayani Art shows how to create a beehive flower. The artist gives details from the first step to the final one. The result is spectacular indeed. The beehive flower tutorial is well demonstrated and inspirational. I like very much how the artist chose the colors.

Learn how to create 3D quilling flowers! Beautiful work of the quilling artist. The paper quilling artist gives detailed instructions on how to create a quilling bouquet. A great quilling idea for a handmade gift. If you want to advance in quilling, then trying these quilling flower might be a good idea for you to start. The quilling artist has more paper quilling videos on her channel that you might find interesting.

The paper quilling artist in this video shows us how to create a beautiful quilled purple lilac. These flowers are gorgeous. I like them very much! I’ll probably give this quilling design a try. If that happens, you’ll see it published here on this website.

In this video, the artist shows how to create Copenhagen flowers. They are indeed very beautiful and can be used to decorate a room, or as a Christmas Tree paper decoration or something else. To create a flower like this, the paper quilling artist used a quilling comb. Do you like the colors combination used in these quilling designs? The center of the flower is made from a tight paper coil. Karen Marie offers many more paper quilling videos on her channel, so feel free to visit and be inspired by her quilling ideas.

If you would like to watch more paper quilling videos, I have some you might like: Visit this link


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