Paper Quilling Contest Results

Hello 🙂

The Paper Quilling Contest has just finished!

It has been such an intense contest where 9 quilling artists fight for the first place.

Congratulations to each participant!

Your quilling design shows that you have creativity and talent!

Don’t give up on quilling!

Here are the results:

  1. AMRATA SINGH – INDIA ( 11626 votes)
  2. FATHIMA NUHA MARYAM – SRI LANKA  (7425 votes)
  3. NIDHI JAIN – INDIA  (3339 votes)
  4. SUNITA PATNAIK – INDIA  (872 votes)
  5. NAAZIR – SRI LANKA  (441 votes)
  6. AFRA MUNNA – SRI LANKA  (153 votes)
  7. AMISHI PARAS KAPASI – INDIA  (111 votes)
  8.  K.SWARNALATHA – INDIA  (83 votes)

Congratulations to AMRATA SINGH from India!

Amrata Singh you will be emailed soon. Please, be sure to check your email. 🙂

Each one of you who have participated in this competition will receive in your inbox a diploma that shows you participated in this Quilling Competition!

Congratulations to everyone!

I hope to meet you again in next competitions which will be more organised and there will be added a new way of choosing the winner.

Until then, enjoy quilling and don’t forget to visit my website and say Hello! 🙂

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  1. Shally Dhiman says:

    I’m new to the world of quilling. I have a few completed projects that I have completed by learning techniques by watch Youtube. Not sure what to do with them.

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