Paper Quilling Artist – Quilling Interview Part 1

Paper Quilling Artist Interview

Part 1

Meet Otilia

Read PART 2 here!

In today’s post, I invite you to read an interesting paper quilling interview.

You will meet Otilia, a young quilling artist living in United States.

I am amazed by her quilling skills, her clean and bright designs and artworks.

Her story will inspire you!

What inspires her in her quilling designs?

Read the interview to find out the answer. 🙂

If you are a beginner in quilling, paper quilling artist Otilia has some advice for you.

Otilia has some video tutorials, beautifully made. You can read more about her work and videos in another post I wrote this year. Read here.

Let’s discover more about quilling by reading what a paper quilling artist has to say.

paper quilling artist, quilling interview, quilling artist, quilling story1. How did you discover the quilling art?
I am still wondering how come I never heard about it earlier since it exists for centuries. In May 2012, one of my friends posted some photos on Facebook with her quilling and then I became interested in knowing more about it. She gave me some basic instructions and then I researched it on Google. The more I learned, the more I loved it.

2. What was your first impression on paper quilling?
I was surprised of how many beautiful things can be done using this art. I remember several times calling my husband to show him the amazing creations of the different artists I was discovering. I could not wait to try it…but I did not want to just do basic things, I wanted to do advanced quilling so I tried to find tutorials about it….of course there were not many available at that time…but enough for me to learn several techniques and go from there.

3. Tell us about your favorite quilling design you’ve made so far.
I have several of them, but my favorite ones are my last two projects…the pink butterfly and the African map. I especially enjoyed every minute working on the map…and this is for several reasons; one is that no one had done this type of map before, and this gives me more satisfaction then when I inspire from other artists’ works,
paper quilling interview, quilling butterfly, quilling pattern, quilling designand the other one is that lived in Africa and I developed a special bond with this continent.


4. You do have a personal blog where you share your handmade quilling designs. How did it start?
I was leaving in Spain at that time and I went to buy some quilling materials from a store. When I left the lady gave me a flyer about a craft fair the store would be participating in and she told me they accept also exhibitors if I wanted to promote my creations. It was like a dream, but I contacted the organizers and the dream came true when they accepted me to exhibit my creations for free in Barcelona. Before accepting me they needed to see my work so this is how I created the blog…in order to apply for exhibiting at that craft fair….and it was a big fair….22 000 people passed by my creations. From this experience, I learned that nothing is impossible if you try…even for the beginners like me…I had this exhibition after only 6 months of beginning quilling.paper quilling continent, paper quilling, quilling design, africa quilling, african continent quilling, quilling pattern, paper quilling artist


Wow! I enjoyed very much reading about Otilia and her quilling story.

I am amazed how quickly this beautiful quilling art draws people’s attention more and more.

When I first started doing paper quilling, there where few information regarding this art.

But today, I can surely observe an improvement.

Quilling is getting popular!

Thank you for reading this paper quilling interview.

This is Part 1 of Otilia’s interview.

Read Part 2 here.

You can find paper quilling artist Otilia at her quilling blog AyaniArt. Beautiful and splendid quilling designs for your inspiration!

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