Paper quilling – 8 reasons I love it

Why paper quilling is great?

My first impression about quilling was “WOW!”. I was totally captured by this new way of using paper. First time I saw a paper quilling design was back in 2011 when I saw my cousin doing it. She was working at something very colorful and nice. I didn’t know if I could do something similar. Until that time, I didn’t know If I was good at any crafts or handmade. But, I had to try it. I found out it was called paper quilling. I started searching more about the quilling art and I even tried to make my first quilling tool, a slotted quilling tool. I was so looking forward to start quilling. Later, I bought quilling supplies and I started my quilling adventure.

If you are new to quilling, read more about quilling here.

In this post I will tell you 8 reasons why I still do quilling.

8 reasons I love paper quilling

      1. It is cheap – the main quilling supplies you need are paper, glue and slotted tool. These are not expensive items. Of course, you can use more supplies. If you want to buy quilling supplies here‘s a list with some online shops.
      2. It is easy to learn, the technique is simple  – even children can quill. I once did quilling with two little boys of 3 and 5 years old. We made a quilling flower for their mom and they enjoyed quilling. There are three main steps in quilling: curling, gluing and shaping strips of paper. It is not a sophisticated handmade craft.
      3. You can create unique art works – each piece of quilling can be different. This is a great way to personalize the gifts you give to others. Here‘s a post I wrote about how to create a memorable handmade gift.
      4. It has endless possibilities – with paper quilling you can create various things like: greeting cards, jewelry, home decorations etc. You can use quilling in so many ways. Watch a video here and see many designs you can create with quilling.
      5. It is colorful – I like the idea of using colorful strips of paper. I love colors and in quilling you can play with them and combine them in great quilling designs.
      6. It helps you develop your creativity – when you start a quilling project you need to have some ideas in your mind. How do I want my design to look like? Where should I place this flower? Is this color working with this one? It is ok to place this here? I usually ask myself questions like these. It helps me think and use my mind in the whole project.
      7. It relaxes you – when I do paper quilling I am relaxed, I enjoy this time, I do what I like. I usually listen to some classical music and work quietly.
      8. You can earn some money from it – you can make quilling designs and gifts for other people and earn some money. People appreciate handmade gifts and you might find someone who wants to buy a handmade quilling design you’ve made.paper quilling, quilling supplies, quilling tools

There may be more other reasons for doing quilling, but these are top eight reasons.

What about you? Do you love paper quilling?

What are some reasons you love quilling? Tell me in a comment below. I’d love to know from you.

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  1. Honey says:

    I first loved quilling because it was a craft I could do without buying any special supplies – I was only 10 years old when I started with a toothpick and strips of paper that I cut myself! One of the reasons I’ve continued to enjoy it is because I find it easier to make shapes with quilling than with drawing, painting, etc. I come from an artistic family and I am not so good at drawing or painting, but I can quill!

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