How to create a memorable handmade gift?

Quilling letters for a memorable handmade gift

Handmade gifts are very appreciated everywhere. They take time, they are made by hand and carry the passion of the artist. They are valuable. Only a handmade artist can actually understand this. In this post I will try to present to you a beautiful way to create a handmade framed gift.

Paper quilling is a great way to create a handmade gift. You will not need a lot of money, you need just paper, glue and a frame. A great idea for handmade gift can be quilling someone’s initial. Here are some things you might like to know if you want to quill a letter :

  • The size of the frame
  • The letter
  • Filling the letter

Before developing our three main ideas, let me tell you a little bit about the quilling design you see in the pictures below.

His name is Ștefan (The Romanian version for Stephan), the little baby boy for whom I’ve quilled this letter.The whole project took me less than 1 hour: preparing the light blue background, cutting the strips of paper with a guillotine, drawing the “S” shape, gluing the edges of the letter, preparing the needed quilling shapes, brainstorming for ideas on how to fill in the letter, taking decisions and putting them into practice and finishing the project! Another design I made was for year 2015 and you can watch a video tutorial here.

Now, lets see how we can give our best in creating a gift for a special person.

1. The size of the frame – you have to decide how big the gift will be. There are many sizes and designs for picture frames you can choose from. For my design, I chose a simple white frame, as I wanted the eyes to be drawn to the quilling art. But it depends. There is the possibility that a frame can actually help your design get more attention and sustain its value. You just have to pay attention to this. After I choose my frame, I cut the background paper the right size to work with the frame.

quilling, quillography design, stephan quilling, handmade gift

2. The letter What font should I use? you might ask. This is a question I ask myself every time I want to quill a letter. And, it is normal to ask this. A font can say a lot about the artist or the person who is receiving the gift. If you want to quill a letter for a baby’s name you can go with a font more friendly and funny. Or you can choose an elegant font, a simple one, or a hand – writing font. After you have chosen your font, you need to draw it on the sheet of paper. I write the letter in a text editor, I choose the right font then I place the sheet of paper (the background for my letter – in my design it is a light blue) on the screen and with a pencil I draw just the edges of my letter.

3. Filling the letter – this is a very important aspect of the design you want to make. Handmade gifts have the advantage that they can be personalized, this helps you create something you know the receiver will like. I usually fill the interior of the letter with basic quilling shapes: tight circles, loose circles, marquises, teardrops or even straight strips of paper (see the pictures). If you need help with ideas you can find more in my post here.

Start making today a handmade gift for your loved ones!

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quilling, quillography design, stephan quilling, handmade gift

quilling, quillography design, stephan quilling, handmade gift

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