Framed Paper Quilling – Green design

Hello everyone,

It is so good to be back after such a long time. 🙂

During this time i still did paper quilling but i didn’t post it here. I have more quilling posts to share with you soon, so stay close not to miss them.

In today’s post i want to share with you a beautiful green design i made for a special friend of mine.

It turned out very beautiful!

Isn’t is great that you can make something handmade, unique and offer it as a gift?

This is what i made with this framed paper quilling design.

It’s easy, cheap, fun, relaxing and you get amazing feedback 🙂

Here are some pictures of my work. I have only pictures, i could not record any video tutorial because i made it while i was in a summer musical course.

framed paper quilling, green quilling






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